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   An integrated team to provide everything needed for the creative process.Screenplay writers, journalists, critics, drama teachers, etc.To provide a team of specialists to achieve all the required work / project Separately.

    You no longer need to move or waste time.
With us you can achieve your goal and get the drama project you dream of as you are sitting behind your office from anywhere around world.

quick performance

The quick performance is what distinguishes our teams through applying the concepts of (drama engineering)

Non-traditional creativity

All teams work with the concept of Think Tank to reach nontraditional solutions at all

Professional and perfection

Experienced and professionals. So we guarantee professionalism and perfection

Universal language

We believe that drama is in essence a universal language, and good drama is that which reaches people all over the world

Our Services

  1. Finding ideas and the appropriate dramatic framework for any topic.
  2. Working on integrated drama projects (series with seasons, movie series, etc.).
  3. Think tank center, drama development and screenplay writing.
  4. Working on finding drama solutions for various drama types.
  5. Develop ideas until getting final treatment.
  6. Making all necessary Graphs and charts following (drama engineering).
  7. Screenplay Writing.
  8. Developing an existing screenplay.
  9. Providing detailed reports on any screenplay.
  10. Restructuring and planning drama to be acceptable and marketable.
  11. Providing drama shows for children to achieve fun and learning.
  12. Interactive Drama.
  13. Recruiting drama to develop communities’ awareness and consciousness.
  14. Transforming drama into readable format (novels, books and comic books …etc.). 

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   Over more than 25 years, egywood has presented a range of critically acclaimed drama series, naming a few: Public Announcing (Balag Lel Raaie Alaam), Love Story (Serit Hob), School of Love (Madraset Alhob- season 3)… etc. The tone and the genres of the series which egywood presents vary, ranging from (Movies/TV Series), and also one season, up to several seasons' series, family, thrillers, suspense, melodramas, Science fiction, investigation, Psychodrama, drama based on literary or format, Kids' shows as, well as comedies, movies and movie series… etc. we actually deal with any drama project as a self-contained and integrated project to achieving all the pre-defined goals to produce the project, in order to ensure the maximum success expected for any project, taking into the consideration all the needs and requirements imposed by drama modern techniques and forms. Accepting all the challenges without hesitation. Facing each project as a new challenge in its own in order to develop and improve quality. MORE...