How It Works

   Over more than 25 years, egywood has presented a range of critically acclaimed drama series, naming a few: Public Announcing (Balag Lel Raaie Alaam), Love Story (Serit Hob), School of Love (Madraset Alhob- season 3)… etc. The tone and the genres of the series which egywood presents vary, ranging from (Movies/TV Series), and also one season, up to several seasons’ series, family, thrillers, suspense, melodramas, Science fiction, investigation, Psychodrama, drama based on literary or format, Kids’ shows as, well as comedies, movies and movie series… etc. we actually deal with any drama project as a self-contained and integrated project to achieving all the pre-defined goals to produce the project, in order to ensure the maximum success expected for any project, taking into the consideration all the needs and requirements imposed by drama modern techniques and forms. Accepting all the challenges without hesitation. Facing each project as a new challenge in its own in order to develop and improve quality.
   Our screenplay services and think tank center operates on the principle of dealing with drama and forming drama construction according to the rules of (drama engineering). Which means dealing with any project according to all inputs, information, and data provided by the producer to redesign, customize and structuring or restructuring, to turn it into drama equations with the highest professional level and compatibility with the agreed framework to achieve the production process objective. (e.g.) projects that require writing drama according to certain production conditions, specific locations for shooting, episodes or seasons number, specific characters, actions within a specific era or provided scientific, historical or even political data or information (whatever the nature of these data and information to be presented in a drama framework that ensures the achievement of the entire production goals, and within the framework of a specific plan. We also provide drama projects of a very specific nature. (e.g.) converting curriculum. or any projects aspiring to any society and officials to deliver it to the largest possible number of citizens. To make all solid data compatible with the absorption of the easiest ways, and shortest possible time. With the fun and excitement of the targeted audience, creating a condition of passion. To turn the process of receiving the information into an experience for fun.  (Achieving goals by Recruiting drama).
   Our work is carried out through flexible and renewable working teams so that each project team is formed on its own, and the appropriate elements of it (writers, critics, etc.), as well as experts such like doctors, scientists, Psychiatrist, etc., which require the specialists to advise.
   We consider the global humane side of drama (considering the characteristics and the nature of the society to which is targeted). Through using the power of drama and how it affects the human feelings to gather audience regardless of their nationalities or languages. It cannot be bypassed without mentioning that one of the most important tools we use in our work beside drama engineering is get the maximum benefits of the power of technology to get in touch with and serve our clients all over the world with no need to travel as much as possible with minimum cost, time, and effort to achieve maximum possible goals.
  1. Finding ideas and the appropriate dramatic framework for any topic.
  2. Working on integrated drama projects (series with seasons, movie series, etc.).
  3. Think tank center, drama development and screenplay writing.
  4. Working on finding drama solutions for various drama types.
  5. Develop ideas until getting final treatment.
  6. Making all necessary Graphs and charts following (drama engineering).
  7. Screenplay Writing.
  8. Develop an existing screenplay.
  9. Providing detailed reports on any screenplay.
  10. Restructuring and planning drama to be acceptable and marketable.
  11. Provide drama shows for children to achieve fun and learning.
  12. Recruiting drama to develop communities’ awareness and consciousness.
  13. Convert all scientific educational material into drama and games.
  14. Transforming drama into readable format (novels, books and comic books …etc.).

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  • The drama project (series / Movie… etc.) to work on is determined either by the projects presented by us or by ideas or stories provided by the producer temped to cooperate.
  • The services provided by us are agreed upon.
  • The fees ​​for the required services, the methods and timing of payments well be determined as well as the timing of the receipt of each service.
  • A timetable will be drawn up as previously agreed and signed accordingly.


In order to achieve the best results, the following should be identified:

  1. Number of episodes to be dealt with (in case of series of course).
  2. Number of seasons and the number of episodes in each season.
  3. The time of the episodes required.
  4. The country or countries where the events are to be located and the percentage of events required to be at every country, for example, 10% of the events in country X, 90% of events in the country Y, and so on.
  5. Identify topics to be used dramatically (indirect or direct Recruiting) within the project (topics with specific orientations such as national projects or campaigns that any entity or country needs to deliver to audience through an attractive framework), (scientific or educational subjects for all ages ), (Documentary topics such as the life stories of the heroes of nations or important historical events in the lives of those nations), etc.
  6. Determine whether specific shooting locations are required to be Recruited within the project events and its percentage required of the total project events to take place eg. (a specific resort, specific public location, factory, company, etc.).
  7. Date set or desired to start shooting.
  8. In case of specified production budget we have to be informed to be taken into consideration during the construction of the dramatic project.
  9. In case of recommending us to take over the executive producer mission. preparation of budgets, plans and schedules of implementation and discussion will reach the optimal procedures for implementation and adoption.

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