Screenplay & Drama Services

Important note:

   Determination of service delivery time depends on the nature of each service (After evaluation), emphasizing that all services are done through the use of the Internet and various technological means of communication, as well as the assurance that any service is not considered agreed upon and are not applied until the submission of the service date and the official agreement confirmed.

1. Finding ideas and the appropriate dramatic framework for any topic.

   We receive the ideas which the producer wants to present (whatever its nature or type will be), so we work on it to formulate the integrated and appropriate drama framework to find the best drama presentation for the idea in a coherent drama format. (pretreatment

2. Working on integrated drama projects (series with seasons, movie series, etc.).

   We prepare and formulate drama projects from any of the above to provide an integrated work file with all that is required (character profiles, Relationships’ Chart, drama rising chart, drama run through planner and Chart, scenes’ run through, etc.). As well as all the info graphs required for any drama project.

3. Think tank center, drama development and screenplay writing.

   We provide an integrated drama think tank center for the creative ideas of all drama types in non-traditional ways, either through…
  • the development of written screenplay.
  • Writing screenplay starting from just an idea.
  • Finding the appropriate idea to transform any topic or specific solid data and information through drama, by working on processing this concrete data and information to be accepted for using within the Drama framework and interesting to the audience achieving the desired goals of producing the show.
  • Work is done through Recruiting of (drama engineering) techniques. 

4. Working on finding drama solutions for drama types.

   We are professional in presenting drama solutions and developing drama plans for long-term (Seasons/parts) through processing, studying and evaluating the available information, formulating the most appropriate framework and developing the best plans for achieving the goals of any production as an integrated project.

5. Develop ideas until getting final treatment.

   This is done by working on the agreed ideas to develop them dramatically in a coherent drama building and ending with the final treatment

6. Making all necessary Graphs and charts following (drama engineering).

   We do that by working on the ideas agreed upon to develop them into drama form in a strong drama structure, leading to the final treatment of the project according to the Techniques and equations of (drama engineering) e.g.:

  • character profiles.
  • Relationships’ Chart.
  • drama rising chart.
  • drama run through planner and Chart.
  • scenes’ run through.
  • As well as all the info graphs required for any drama project.

7. Screenplay Writing.

   writing the final screenplay for any drama project. (Executive screenplay).

8. Develop an existing screenplay.

   We receive the screenplay which is already written for reviewing and identifying the weaknesses points to provide the necessary proposals to develop it to be more professional and marketable, either we provide the report points to be developed by the original writer. Or we do the development deliver a final executive screenplay professionally.

9. Providing detailed reports on any screenplay.

   72 hour turnaround (starts from the date of the formal agreement to carry out the mission) Your screenplay will be read with seven critical categories in mind:

  • As well as any specified terms yo want to be consulted.

10. Restructuring and planning drama to be acceptable and marketable.

   We receive any ideas, plans, treatments or screenplay that is already written to structure it to avoid any defects in the structure and re-plan the whole project to make it more professional, attractive and more marketable So we present a detailed report to deiced whether the producer implements the proposals or we do so to deliver the work Integrated professional level.

   It is important to note that structuring or restructuring also involves the writing of drama project through the Recruit of certain elements, for example, when the producer requests that the action takes place within a particular place or region. Such as when being drama asked mainly to go on within a specified house, factory, tourist village or even a country … etc. Whether for the purpose of presenting or promoting the nature of the place without affecting drama as a professional written project.

11. Provide drama shows for kide to achieve fun and learning.

   Our team has a set of plans, visions, as well as the ability and experience to prepare any new plans or projects to work on all educational Curriculum to be presented through drama shows, and various forms of entertainment forms including games, to provide all educational Curriculum content through an interesting and exciting form for fun and joy while learning.

12. Interactive Drama

   It is a world-class modern vision where drama projects are provided to allow audience to interact and participate in events ranging starting from events expecting to event participation and remodeling, which requires high-level techniques. It also requires the availability of certain tools to be used by audience such as smart devices (mobile TV, etc.) and as well as VR glasses (It’s a trend that has begun to spread significantly open wide the world).

13. Recruiting drama to develop communities' awareness and consciousness.

   We know well how to use drama to achieve the social goals, whether to find solutions to the social problems suffered by any society through drama, and by pushing audience to think and create the desire of changing without the use of direct forms of drama treatments, through short or long term plans to raise social awareness and push it to raise specific issues towards the development of societies, by working to transform all direct concrete information into drama formulations that stimulate the desire to think and push for change through the pleasure of watching.

14. Transforming drama into readable format (novels, books and comic books …etc.).

   It is a special experience that we have tried since 2016 until today, and it is summarized in the reintroduction of any dramatic work in the form of novel or comic books… etc, to be published in order to reach the audience who likes to read more than watching e.g.:

  • Moon Hunting.
  • The past that was
  • Two Spirits.
  • Children’s comics (Afkar fakour – Fakour Thoughts)
  • As well as number of other drama projects have been prepared to be published as novels in a series within 2020.